Pool Pump Power Saver

With today’s technology, we can turn any standard pump into
an energy efficient multi-speed pump.

You will be able to reduce the electricity required to operate the pump by up to 75% without compromising the filtration or water quality. 

The Pool Power Saver (PPS) has been proven in both the domestic and commercial market worldwide, manufactured in the UK with quality parts, high performance and exceptional reliability.

Swimming pool pumps should ideally have two speeds for the circulation system, however standard pumps only have one speed…“Full Speed”.  When you backwash or clean the filtration system it’s great to have a strong flow but it is too powerful and unnecessary for a normal filtration of the water.

Changing your pump to a slower, energy efficient speed will allow the water to pass through the filter at the right flow and pressure.  This allows the filter media to clean the water efficiently and by running the pump at its optimum water filtration speed you will also have other added benefits.

This is the ideal energy saving solution where high starting torque is not required – typically including fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps, fume extractors and air flow controllers.



BEFORE                                  AFTER



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