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ECO IP55 90kW, 3Ph. Input, 3Ph. Output, 380-480V, EMC Filter, OLED Display

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Eco Variable Frequency Drive Datasheet

Model: ODV-3-641800-3F1NTN

Input Ratings

Supply Voltage 380-480V
Input Phases 3
Supply Current Continuous 183.7 Amps
Supply Fuse or MCB (Type B) 250 Amps

Output Ratings

Motor Output Rating 90 kW
Output Voltage 0 - Supply Voltage
Output Current 180 Amps

Cable Information

Max Supply Cable Size 150 mm2
Max Motor Cable Size 150 mm2
Max motor cable length 100 metres

VFD Factory Build Options

EMC Filter Internal EMC
Brake Transistor No Brake Transistor
Enclosure IP55
Display OLED Text
PCB Coating Standard


Size 6
Height 865mm
Width 330mm
Depth 330mm
Weight 55Kg
Packaged Weight 56.5Kg
Fixings 4 x M10
Certification Marks

Download the Invertek Optidrive V3 Manual from the link below:-

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