CC - Round Cage Motors

Brusatori DC wound fields round cage motors

CC Series


The wound field round cage motor represents one of the first DC current motor product from the company Brusatori. Starting from size CC90 the cage of the motor is built with steel, for the lower size it is made with die cast alloy. The material used for the construction are of very high quality. Any details in the construction is carefully controlled still now. Today construction is the same as the first pieces ever produced. Due to the consolidated experienced in the production and to the high number produced the quality/price ratio is very high. The statistic data permit us to state that motors produced in the 80's are still now hard at work.

Main features

  • Winding coils insulation: class F according to CEI EN 60034-1 (2000)
  • Thermal dimensioning: class F according to CEI EN 60034-1 (2000)
  • Protection degree: IP23 according to CEI EN 60034-5 (2001)
  • Cooling: IC 06 (for motor IP23) according to CEI EN 60034-6 (1997)
  • Balancing degree: G 2,5 according to ISO 1940 (1993) (half-key balancing for key shafts according to CEI 2-23 (1993)) - Running position: anyone
  • Construction shape: IMB5, IMB3, IMB35 (IM 2001) according to CEI EN 60034-7 (1993)
  • Lubricated for life ball bearings
  • Colour: Blue RAL 5010
  • Reference conditions: environment +40°C, max. height 1000m above sea level.
  • Storage temperature: -10°C ÷ +70°C


  • Holding brake
  • Shaft without key
  • Roller bearings
  • Tachogenerator 60V/1000rpm, 10V/1000rpm (with joint and bell or with hollow shaft)
  • Encoder (different ppr and voltage available)
  • Oil seal (it is assembled only when the coupling is oil-bath lubricated)
  • Special winding
  • Special design on customer's specifications.


Electrical features and overall dimensions
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