Air Differential Pressure Switches

The air differential pressure switch 930-series is suitable for low differential pressure switching applications in air-conditioning systems for providing indication of fan status or ┬┤filter dirty`.

With this air differential pressure switch the switching pressure can be adjusted manual by hand or with a screwdriver using a scaled adjustment knob located under the cover.

The air differential pressure switch 930-series tolerance for upper and lower switching pressure is +/-15%.

Switching pressure specifications apply to vertical installation which is also the recommended position with pressure-pipe connections pointing downwards.

If the air differential pressure switch are installed horizontally with AMP connection terminals uppermost, the switching values are approx. 20 Pa higher.

The cable gland for air differential pressure switch using a cap nut offers highly effective strain relief and a considerably better sealing function

IDA.930.80 222511 or 930.80 222534, pressure range 20-200 Pa 
IDA.930.80 222511N or 930.80 222534N, pressure range 20-300 Pa 
IDA.930.84 222511 or 930.84 222534, pressure range 30-400 Pa
IDA.930.83 222511 or 930.83 222534, pressure range 50-500 Pa
IDA.930.85 222511 or 930.85 222534, pressure range 200-1.000 Pa
IDA.930.86 222511 or 930.86 222534, pressure range 500-2.500 Pa
IDA.930.87 222511 or 930.87 222534, pressure range 1.000-4.000 Pa

  • Static, over, differential pressure and vaccum
  • Switching pressure can easily be adjusted on a scaled adjustment knob
  • 7 different pressure ranges