About Us


Committed to ensuring the highest levels of quality 
throughout all aspects of our operation


We strive to provide the highest levels of quality to ensure customers are totally satisfied with our products.

This commitment means we:

  • only work with the best suppliers
  • undertake regular quality inspections
  • deliver products that meet the highest global quality standards

This is not a box ticking exercise — we are only ever interested in the end game. By working closely with suppliers we are able to ensure every element of our products meets the exacting standards our customers rightfully expect from Invertek Drives.


Quality in Manufacturing

Invertek's 'Picture Perfect' philosophy aims to deliver the highest quality manufacturing environment.

This is achieved by continually assessing all aspects of our operation to identify if any improvements can be made and undertaking regular checks to ensure all of our products meet the high standards demanded by our customers.

Accredited Quality - Internationally recognised standards including ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, CE, DNV adhered to:

  • Skilled people - Fully trained technicians supported by digital assembly guides
  • Innovation - Continual product development programme
  • Spot checks - 'Out of the box' inspections and despatch audits
  • Swift action - Identified issues addressed immediately
  • From parts to finished goods — our continual commitment to quality means our customers can be confident that they are benefitting from products manufactured to the very highest standards, every step of the way.